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Commission Information


My commissions are now open! Mainly I am looking to do animal portraits and picture books, but am very much available to do other work as well! Scroll down for previous pet portraits and a longer list of projects I'm looking to take on!

Please email me the details and scope of your project, including how you plan to use my work, what you need for deliverables, the timeline of the project, and your budget.

Here are my general terms:


Payment: 50% of payment is due upfront, and 50% is due at or before the completion of the project. Final, non-watermarked, high-resolution files will be sent once full payment is received. 


Sketches and Revisions: The above project includes one round of sketches and up to two rounds of revised sketches. 
*Note: Revisions may only be made by the Artist at the sketch stage.

Additional fees will be charged for revisions made after approval to move to the final or revisions reflecting a new direction to the assignment.


Cancellation Fee: If the project is canceled after sketches are submitted, 50% of the project fee will be due. If the project is canceled after the final art has been completed, 100% of the project fee will be due.

Projects I Am Looking For



Natural History




Album Covers

Motion Graphics



Children's Books

All-ages Picture Books

Field Guides


Animal Portraits

Rates and Pricing

Please contact me directly via email at for a complimentary price quote for your project.


Standalone Illustration: Individual illustrations such as pet portraits, people portraits, etc. tend to be priced at a flat rate which can vary based on the complexity of the subject matter and the style you want me to illustrate in.

Editorial: Editorial work will be a flat rate, an hourly rate, or a day rate, depending on the project's scope.

Picture Book: If you want me to illustrate a book for you, please read through this blog post by illustrator Alana McCarthy for an idea of what I as an illustrator will need from you, and the average price range that illustrated books tend to fall into.

I am always happy to discuss pricing and budget once I have details of the project's scope, complexity, and timeline. If you have a specific budget you want to stay within, I am happy to work with you to find a middle ground where we don't break your budget but everyone's time and work are valued. 


Please reach out to me via email at to discuss your project!

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